Mammoth Storm – Fornjot Review

mammoth stormFornjot is the debut album from Mammoth Storm, following on from last year’s EP Rite Of Ascension, but it’s a difficult and unengaging listen that is a struggle to connect with.

Fornjot just doesn’t seem to have much momentum and doesn’t quite grab your interest, with the tracks being rather repetitive and mundane-sounding. Of course, as the album leans quite heavily towards the drone spectrum of the doom genre, it’s absurd to expect it to be lively and fast-paced, but it would be nice it there was at least some energy behind the performance because everything just seems to blend into one entity with no real variety between song to song.

Indeed, it’s difficult to pinpoint particular songs as being highlights or strong points of the album because there’s nothing that stands out from the crowd. It’s a shame because there’s certainly potential in the band, as it features one of the guitarists from Draconian and they recently put out an absolute monster of an album but right now, it feels like Mammoth Storm need to do a lot more before they become a band that people will talk about.


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