Mallory Knox – Asymmetry Review

mallory knox asymmetryMallory Knox’s sophomore album will the album to take them to even higher heights then their debut album. Asymmetry is filled with huge choruses, impressive instrumentation and song writing abilities of a band way past their years.

The album opens to the song Ghost In The Mirror, which opens with some cool production work, and it shows the bands have already matured with their song. The riff and drums are well written and complement each other and are played impeccably, the vocals are strong but soft, you can hear the passion on the song but Vocalist Mikey portrays the song as a soft song during the verses. It shows the how the band are experimenting with their writing and it’s refreshing to hear.

Shout At The Moon, the band’s new single, is a huge song showing off the talent of guitarists Joe and James, with all different style of playing, acoustic guitars, riffs, chord progressions and harmonies. The drums in the song add to the texture of the song; a lot of drummers in bands just hit their instruments but it’s clear Dave has thought of ways to add to the song with his playing, with some well executed build ups and well placed cymbal work. The song is catchy and you’ll be singing along with it by the end of the song. The vocals are fantastic an, lovely to listen to and well pulled off, you can hear the band have experimented with their sound and grown, buy they have kept those core elements that a lot of bands loss during progression.

The Remedy is one of the album’s heavier songs, with some pounding drums, a heavily driven guitar lead with some impressive riffs, more aggressive vocals and heavier bass. The song has softer sections but they lead into some heavier aspects and it works really well, something that can sound shabby if done poorly, and poorly is not a word to describe anything these talented men have done. The guitar is executed perfectly and although it sounds a bit messy it works and compliments the song, it doesn’t seem polished, it’s got that raw edge that rock needs which is really nice to hear as the rest of album seems a little too perfect for raw rock.

Overall the band has written the album that will take them to new heights and I don’t think anything is out of their reach at this stage. They are easily one of the leading forces in up and coming British rock and are a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure. The vocal work in the album is phenomenal; it’s nice to hear a band that has more than just one strong talented lead vocalist. The guitar and bass are so well written and do the members all so much justice to their playing and writing. The drumming on this album is superb and shows off the talents of Dave that’s for sure. The album is a game changer but there are a few filler songs which is a shame but you’re not going to really notice it because the album is such a strong piece of work.


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