Mallory Knox – Tramshed Cardiff, 21/03/17

Here we are at the start of Mallory Knox’s tour and what a line up they bring with them.

Fatherson feel like they pick up where old Mumford and Sons left off – they dust off the cobwebs and merge their own ingenuity. Their enthusiasm creates something rather fetching, it feels emotional and relatable and many here tonight get behind vocally.

Lonely The Brave receive a pleasant reception. They’re a band that have perfected their sound live as singer David vocals simply gleam through the venue even despite his somewhat placid presence on stage. The guitarists tried to make up for the talking between songs but it doesn’t quite sit right, luckily the music proves different.

Seeing the band prepare side of stage, jumping, Mallory Knox finally come bursting out after a delay. Feeling fresh at the start of the tour they’ve got a lot of energy to throw out. Smiles come over the band as they kick off their set with ‘Giving It Up’. On tour to promote their new album ‘Wired’ Mallory have hit a nice patch in their career where they can comfortably fill mid venues and still have a vibrant future ahead. You get a sense of the confidence they feel they’ve earned and the crowd feel it too.

Singer Mikey has a certain grace to him as he toys with the crowd and photographers dancing away. Although lacking in pits, or any movement really, they make up for it in cheers and smiles. embracing Mallory’s appealing performance and momentum.

Ending on ‘Better Off Without You’ they’ve shined tonight. A compelling live band and a band who will continue to grow, entice and adapt.


Catch Mallory Knox at 2000 Trees Festival this July –

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