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majesty of revivalIron Gods is the second full-length release from Ukraine’s Majesty Of Revival, and it’s an exceedingly strong offering that really plays on their strengths as a band. It’s difficult to pigeonhole them into an exact genre, with prominent elements of both prog and old-school power metal within their music, and it makes for a very refreshing listen.

There are plenty of great tracks on this album, all of which feature breathtaking playing, and it’s almost difficult to take in everything on one listen alone. There are so many fantastic little ideas interwoven into the album that you’re bound to pick up something new on every listen of it. With the complex solos of Infernal Grays switching back and forth between guitars and synth and the sheer emotion behind the vocals of Wicked Game to name but two examples, this is a band that are mindblowingly talented at what they do and they’re not afraid to show off just how talented they are.

The standout track has got to be Edge Of Sanity. Opening with hauntingly beautiful piano before the drums kick in, followed by spoken vocals and guitars, the introduction grabs you right from the get-go and the track doesn’t let up at all. A particularly great element of this song is the keys; even as a background instrument, they add so much atmosphere to the song and that’s before we’re even greeted by the stunning solo. Everything in this song is breathtaking and there isn’t a dull second – it’s just a phenomenal track from start to finish and really showcases just how talented this band are as a unit.

Iron Gods is a must-have for anyone that’s into their power or prog, or even anyone who appreciates good musicianship in general. Majesty Of Revival may be a well-kept secret for the time-being, but with a release as strong as this, it won’t be long before their name is on everyone’s lips. It’s well worth your time to check this band out.


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2 Comments on Majesty Of Revival – Iron Gods Review

  1. It’s all a matter of taste. I personally thought this was a really great album and I stand by the mark I’ve given it. I’ve been listening to it a lot and I’m just not getting tired of it; I personally think it has a lot to give and I’m really enjoying it on every listen I give it, which is a LOT. And just so you know? I don’t give EVERYTHING a nine. I’m always honest with my reviews, which is something I pride myself on, but we’ve just had a fair few decent submissions in that I’ve picked up. So sure, maybe I’ve given *some* high scores recently but one of my more recent reviews was given a five and I’ve got a couple more average scoring things ready to be posted over the next few days. Like I said at the start of this reply – it’s all a matter of taste. For example, I gave something a six recently that’s been given perfect/high scoring reviews from everywhere else. Oh and by the way, if something’s awesome or blows me away, then damn right am I going to give it a nine. And this did.

  2. Seriously. I found it at best average. If every thing gets a 9, then, there will not be no difference when a great album arrives, or you should just award it a 15 or something 😛 This is a decent effort, but not worth more than a 7.

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