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Ukrainian band Majesty Of Revival have recently released their fantastic new album Iron Gods. We loved it, so naturally had to catch up with the band to ask them a few questions. Check out the interview below!

You recently released your new album Iron Gods – how was the writing and recording process of it?
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy (guitars, backing vocals): It was a very difficult recording process. Much shit happened! Each member of the band got ill during the process about several times and the lineup of the band has changed at the end of the recording. There were many disputes but we pass all that shit away 🙂

Did it differ at all from your debut album Through Reality or did you take the same approach with both of them?
Konstantin Naumenko (vocals): Yes, there was some difference in work with the albums. The work on the Iron Gods album was more habitual for me, when I recorded the vocals for Through Reality it was a very new experience for me to sing such progressive metal with complicated structures in the songs.
Marat Adiev (keys): Iron Gods is a much more grown-up record than its predecessor so that was my approach. By the time we started recording the second album, I had gained more experience in what I do so I hope the final outcome is much better than everything I have done before.

Were any songs more of a challenge than others?
Adiev: Yes, I would definitely highlight two songs: Masked Illusion Pt.2 and Iron Gods. In the first one I had to play alongside guitar parts, and this was quite hard due to Dimitry’s insanely fast lines and needing to adapt them for keyboard. In Iron Gods I composed three long but fun to play solos. However, playing them without a flaw was a challenge.
Pavlovskiy: Masked Illusion. It has difficult parts for us and also for our guest Jouni Nikula. Here is what he said:
What a song. You were killing me…I think it was the highest I’ve done this far.
But he did it well!

Which song is your favourite?
Naumenko: It’s not easy to say which song is a favourite for me. There is many songs with interesting vocal parts, such as Epilogus, Nocrurnus Gate etc. Pavlovskiy: I reckon it’s Infernal Grays and Wicked Game because of its heavy riffs.
Vasiliy Dovhanych (bass): I can’t select only one favourite. Every song is fucking awesome!
Adiev: Honestly, I love all the songs, but since I need to pick the only one, I would go for Nocturnus Gate. This song has a medieval atmosphere created by a choir and has a fun to play piano intro.
Nelly Hanael (backing vocals): Certainly my favourite song is Nocturnus Gate because of its dark chorus parts and organ, which makes a mysterious atmosphere within. Also I wrote the lyrics for it.
Olexa Dynnyk (vocals): Ooohhh, that’s a complicated question. Each song is interesting on their own. Masked Illusion (part 3) for myself.
Vasiliy Irzhak (drums): Definitely it’s Wicked Game!!!

I personally loved Edge Of Sanity – could you tell me a little more about that one?
Dynnyk: I wanted to write such story for a long time and this story is not a fiction, it describes the inner struggle of a subject against his hidden essence, which can be revealed only in very difficult situations. I’m sure every person without exception has faced it. I suppose each of you has had a thought, which makes you feel creepy all over. You don’t need to be afraid of it but simply understand, as it is a part of yourself. In the end let me quote several lines from the song:
The death of a coward in vain and gormless.
There’s no heroic eloped
From a battlefield!

If you could collaborate with anyone for a future release, who would you choose?
Naumenko: When I make the decision to collaborate with somebody, I look at the general musical skill of the musicians and maturity of material. So it’s always interesting to work with somebody who is great in every respect! Now I can’t tell who it will be, but let’s see what it will be in the future!
Pavlovskiy: I would like to collaborate with Göran Edman, Michael Romeo, James Hetfield, Richard Andersson and Kärtsy Hatakka.
Adiev: Sounds beyond belief, but if it ever happened I would choose Adagio, Time Requiem, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Anthriel, Symphony X, Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, Rhapsody of Fire.
Dovhanych: No one..Freddie Mercury is dead…Ray Charles too. So, I don’t even know who could it be.
Hanael: Any professional singers.
Irzhak: I think there must be Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi or Panzerballett band.

If you could get an artist to cover one of your songs, who would it be?
Adiev: Richard Cheese and Andy Rehfeldt are hilarious. Check out their covers, you won’t regret it!

How would you say your music has evolved since Majesty Of Revival began?
Pavlovskiy: Well, in comparison with the first demos and Iron Gods the sound becomes harder and more progressive. Which we like so much. Also we have new members in a band, so they put their ideas to the songs and it makes our style more interesting and polyhedral!

Are there any plans in the works for a tour?
Pavlovskiy: We and our manager are working about it. For now, we have some offers to play live in few countries.

What’s your biggest ambition for the band?
Pavlovskiy: I have the only ambition to become as famous as Symphony X, Metallica or Queen.
Dynnyk: Well, my answer is not peculiar: like all the rest of musicians I want our music to be heard, I want our band to make its own history.
Adiev: To share the same stage with one of the bands I mentioned in the question about collaboration.
Irzhak: I simply want the music to bring pure pleasure to listeners with different musical tastes .

What are your plans for 2014?
Pavlovskiy: There are several surprises for our fans in 2014, so we’ll keep it secret.
Look out for updates!

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