Magenta Harvest – Volatile Waters Review

Good things come to those who wait, which is definitely the case with Volatile Waters. Having formed in 2005, Volatile Waters is Magenta Harvest’s upcoming debut album and follows on from their two previous EPs. It certainly packs a punch and looks set to be absolutely massive.

Opener End And No Remembrance is an absolute belter of a track, and just the right thing to get things moving. With noisily hammered drums, chugging guitars and powerful vocals – both clean and harsh – it’s an incredible choice of opener and is massively memorable; it has a bit of everything and really helps to set the mood for what’s to come with the rest of the album.

Another strong number is the third track Spawn Of Neglect. The drums are phenomenal in this one to say the least, and you can really appreciate the sheer skill that drummer Janne has, as your foot starts tapping along before you know it! It gives the track a nice meaty tone along with the bass and is definitely worth a few listens in order to take everything in. The ending is especially awesome, ending in groove-filled drums that swiftly cut out. Great stuff!

The best track of the album simply has to be Limbo In Rime though. In particular, the keys in it are quietly beautiful and whilst they may not take a starring role, the little hints of it at the start work perfectly. Considering it’s used as a backing instrument more than anything else, it’s awesome just how much they add to the song! There’s also a stunning guitar solo in it, which also contributes into making this the strongest track of Volatile Waters by far.

There’s something slightly off about penultimate track A Symposium Of Frost though. Everything seems a little forced and in-your-face, and it’s like there are multiple ideas within the song battling with one another for dominance. Whilst the track isn’t terrible, it doesn’t quite seem as focused and driven as the others, which is a bit of a shame, but in all honesty, there isn’t really a bad track on Volatile Waters – it’s all killer and no filler and is a release that will surely please a lot of fans.

Magenta Harvest are on the cusp of greatness and the sheer talent behind this release is something to behold.


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Listen to a taster of Volatile Waters below:

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