Magenta Harvest – …And Then Came The Dust Review

HELL YES – Magenta Harvest is back with their second full-length album …And Then Came The Dust! We seriously loved their debut Volatile Waters and have been eagerly awaiting this one – and needless to say, this one doesn’t disappoint either. In fact, it feels like a step up from their debut, which is a feat in itself.

…And Then Came The Dust is an album chock-full of power and momentum, with plenty of memorable tracks. The flow is particularly good, with each track leading well into the next, and you definitely get drawn into the album as a result. There’s a lot of atmosphere and ambience within each song, and the overall mood generated on the album is phenomenal. This is a special piece, make no mistake of it.

One particularly good inclusion is is third track When Your World Turns To Glass. The drums on this one are foot-tappingly good and you’ll definitely find yourself nodding along to this, so I can only imagine how awesome it will translate in a live environment, especially when you take into account the chugging guitars, mighty vocals and thundering bass – it has everything.

Another seriously great track is the closing number, A Pane Of Eden. Magenta Harvest have given a new meaning to the phrase ‘ending on a high’ because this track kicks some serious ass. There’s some more melodic elements to this one and they work well, juxtaposing tremendously against the in-your-face noise and aggression that is also presented to you. The perfectly punctuated symphonic sections in the latter half really add a lot to the song and means the track leaves a real impression on you – meaning this is the perfect way to end the album!

All in all, another incredible album from this Finnish five-piece. Magenta Harvest have taken everything that made Volatile Waters special, and have added to it. …And Then Came The Dust is an album that definitely should not be missed!


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