Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan Review

Lucifer's Child the wiccanThe Wiccan is the debut album from Greek black metal outfit Lucifer’s Child and it’s a fantastic release that shows a strong beginning for the outfit.

It’s always good when an album grips your attention from the first few notes of the opening track and this is exactly the case with The Wiccan. In fact, opening track Hors De Combat isn’t just a track that grabs your attention; it absolutely demands it, and it truly sets the scene well for things to come. Fast paced and powerful, it packs a real punch and the small injections of melody lend themselves well to the piece; it is aggressive and heavy, yet it isn’t overwhelming.

Another incredible inclusion is He Who Punishes, which is perhaps the strongest piece on the album. The repeating melodic riff is such an earworm that you will find it rattling round your head for a long time after you’ve finished listening – and it’s also a track that you can’t just listen to once. It’s infectious and memorable; a true high point of the album.

It’s actually incredible to think that this is Lucifer’s Child’s debut album – if this is what they’re beginning their career with, then just imagine what the future can hold for them!


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