LucidFly – Building Castles In Air Review

lucid-fly-building-castles-in-air-front-coverBuilding Castles In Air, the new album from LucidFly, isn’t exactly the most memorable of releases – after numerous listens, I still don’t feel any sort of connection with it and the music just doesn’t leave much of an impression on me.

It just feels like it could be better. It’s clear that the band has a lot of musical ability, but the song structures are fairly similar to one another and after you’ve been listening to a while, everything just blends together – and the last song of the album, entitled Paperthin, sounds suspiciously like a Lacuna Coil cast-off (minus the male vocals), with the guitar lines and vocal sections sounding eerily similar to some of the approaches taken by the Italian band.

Building Castles In Air isn’t all bad, of course. Third track Mascot is one of the stronger songs of the release and has a bit more of a kick to it. The slightly heavier tone of the song works well when coupled with the dark and mysterious vocal tone, giving everything a bit more colour, and the sparser sections juxtapose nicely against the thicker walls of sound.

Maybe it’s just me, but Building Castles In Air is just somewhat lacklustre – it has the potential to be great, but LucidFly haven’t quite achieved this. It’s not dreadful, but on the other hand it’s not exactly something that will stick in your mind for long after you’re done listening to it.


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