Lozk – Meaningless Words Review

Meaningless Words LozkRecently, my day was vastly improved by my new discovery of the artist known as Lozk. This is one of those rare instant epics that ignite your soul and place a smile on your face.

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, this is the type of international sound that resonates well when merged with a dark post-industrial-electronic sound. The current track being heavily promoted is for an enlightened single titled Han Sow. It successfully fuses together interesting vocals, exotic instruments and a nice progressive style, an creates nothing short of a very memorable song.

The song titled Amusaca is a beast of a song and is my personal favorite on the inspired album titled Meaningless Words. Amusaca is an emotionally and cinematically charged song that feels like an incantation of sorts. The chanting combined with the early Nine Inch Nails inspired drums laced with heavy synths, this track is a very interesting journey.

Six songs in, Meaningless Words has so far taken me on quite the dynamic ride. The songs feel deep, motivated and in many ways very devious in their nature. It is hard to tell what the message might be behind every song, or the album as a whole, but I can say that there is some real emotion to these compositions. Whenever vocals are added they are done in a way similar to the militant chants of Skinny Puppy or Frontline Assembly, although they feel more spiritual and less machine in their nature compared to those two bands.

The final track Amaramarea is like an exclamation point on the album. It showcases the production and mixing skills of the talented Leonardo Suárez Jiménez (Lozk) and takes everything you heard in the previous tracks and combines them together to create an impressive sonic journey through some uncharted territory.

The album as a whole is beautiful and dynamic, and if you are in to music with some substance and intention, this would be a great album for you to take a listen to. I personally enjoyed the journey Lozk provided through and through, and upon finishing this article I intend to give it one solid listen with my AKG’s on high volume with my eyes closed and totally focused on the different levels of mixing and tracks, and I suggest you do the same.

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