Lovijatar – Pimeän Tuoja Review

It’s a little difficult to earmark Lovijatar into a specific genre. The instrumentation is nice and heavy, but the vocals are softer and altogether it makes for an extremely distinctive and easy to listen to sound. Quite simply, the best way of describing this band’s sound is to say they sound like Lovijatar!

Opener Vainovalkea begins with huge vocals that are backed up with nice heavy guitar riffs. It’s a mindlessly catchy song and I find myself singing along (or rather attempting to sing along, due to not being able to speak a word of Finnish!) every time this song starts playing. As a whole, the song itself is a little simplistic and repetitive, but sometimes less is more and that’s the case with this track because quite simply, it just works.

Puujumala brings the riffs first and foremost, with a humongously memorable opening, but it peters out a little when the vocals kick in and the instrumentation ends up being quite thin. This means the track dips a little in quality, which is a shame because the potential was there at the beginning.

Sixth track Kun Usva Peittää Minut Saleihinsa is certainly an intriguing number. It begins with twanging guitars before the vocals join in, and it just sounds incredibly individual, and it really gives singer Tommi a chance to show exactly what he’s capable of, vocals-wise. This one is more of a simplistic piece with more of an emphasis on the vocals, and it’s a great little addition to the album.

The following track, Syntyi Lovijatar, really gets the pace going again and it has a funky introduction with a great energetic feel to it. The vocals on this one are a lot more raw and in-your-face, and everything about this song just makes you want to tap your foot and sing along at the top of your lungs. The highlight of the album for sure.

Pimeän Tuoja is an all-round great album, and it’s a good mix of noise and softness which makes them a lot more accessible to a wider fanbase. Why not check them out and give them a listen – the video for Vainovalkea can be viewed below.


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