LOVE|LESS – Hollow Faith Review

loveless hollow faithSometimes you come across a release that you know is going to be special after hearing nothing more than the first few notes, and Hollow Faith, the debut EP from British rock outfit LOVE|LESS, is one such piece.

Despite this only being the band’s debut EP, Hollow Faith is a well-rounded and magnificently constructed piece that sounds like a release from a band who has already enjoyed success from a long career, which is what makes this EP all the more impressive.

LOVE|LESS have mastered the art of writing songs that will be stuck in your head for days on end. They may not be the most complex or technical tracks out there but to be frank, they don’t need to be – the band have taken a ‘less is more’ approach and it’s paid off because Hollow Faith plays as a very honest and heartfelt piece from start to finish.

There isn’t a single bad song on the EP, with each track having its own distinct identity, but the strongest piece is the closing track Victim, a track so infectious it will be rattling round your head for days. With strong instrumentation, emotive sing-along vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, it’s a recipe for success and is the perfect way to bring the EP to a close – it’s a track that really leaves a mark on you!

As a whole, Hollow Faith is an EP you really need in your life. There’s just one problem – how are they going to top this with their next release?!


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