Lord Vigo – Blackborne Souls Review

lord-vigo-blackborne-soulsDo not believe the hype. You might think that this also pertains to Lord Vigo but it doesn’t. There are always exceptions to any rule. If the original Ghostbusters taught us anything it’s that Lord Vigo is a badass. Following in his charismatic ecotoplasm the band of his namesake give the villainous Carpathian a fitting legacy.

Riding the great winds of doom into the forever wars Blackborne Souls is the official second album (in accordance with the prophecy) from Germany’s Lord Vigo. Although they’re hailed as epic doom metal it’s with the same pinch of salt as of Sabbath being doom metal. Two out of three ain’t bad though and these Epic Metallers give us what can best be described in short as the bastard child of Anathema and Type O Negative. Being reminiscent of Slow, Deep and Hard with Vincent Cavanagh on vocals. You could also equate it to early Life of Agony which is a fitting comparison in consideration to the character.

These rising balladeers have forged an album wrought in the finest caliber steel. Where the guitar melodies take the forefront of positioning the structure of the songs behind it lies a eloquently articulated bass that tanks along to support the ensemble. Deviating in harmony only to hook the beastly thunder that the riffs inspire. The riffs themselves speak of classic times in heavy metal and while the band cites Candlemass, Manilla Road and NWoBHM as part of their influencers it’s prevalent in their sound that they’re not just a cut and dry stencil.

Blackborne Souls has enough personality to stand out on its own merits however. Featuring strong riffs that are matched with cogent pacing it’s not merely an album, it’s a full on headbanger. Creating a deep mood and an unholy atmosphere that commands its time and space in your ears like the dark lord the band is named after. For something recognized as doom metal the albums uplifting score is as fresh as morning dew where its harmonies split light like passing diffraction.

You don’t need to concentrate too hard to hear Blackborne Souls for what it is and Lord Vigo are undeniably confident that these songs will devour you whole. The proof lies in this formidable album and its potent compositions which make easy work of a heavy principle. Lord Vigo is a true Gothic masterpiece that has deeply thoughtful riffs that will fly out of your cabs and incinerate Rome in a day.


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