Loputon Suo – Loputon Suo Demo Review

loputon suoLoputon Suo, hailing from Joenssu in Finland, is a newly-formed melodic black metal band who have just put out their first release, a self-titled three track demo.

Loputon Suo is perhaps what you might expect from a melodic black metal band; the music has a furious and relentless energy to it, with half-wailed, half-screamed vocals that are typical to the genre as a whole. Indeed, it does sound that Loputon Suo have played things a little safe, rather than putting their own stamp on the music. There’s no shame in this, given that it’s their first release and they’re still finding their feet, but it would have been nice to hear something to set them apart from the crowd.

Additionally, whilst the songs themselves aren’t inherently bad, there is a problem in the sense that there isn’t much variation from one song to the next and it’s almost like Loputon Suo have presented the listener with one long track rather than three individual songs.

Although it does feel like this can be better, Loputon Suo have created a good starting point with their demo and with a bit of work and experimentation, they can certainly make a name for themselves in the black metal scene.


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