Long Distance Calling – TRIPS Review

long distance calling tripsThis is a refreshing surprise; like modern music felt that it needed to be sorted out and fashioned a stylish remedy for the legions of unmusic, and temporal savants Long Distance Calling are just who the doctor ordered. Their new album TRIPS sends waves of scientific mysticism to collide directly with your body flow, transcending all measures of popular musics’ malignant interference. Take one listen every fifty minutes until truly tuned in.

Long Distance Calling have been busy since their inception in 2007, creating six albums that really speak for themselves through intelligent and craftily designed tracks. Album number seven is even more vocal, morphing complexities at a mesmeric pace and taking your attention to ransom.

TRIPS is a bastard. You could attempt to find the inheritance of the music by throwing terms like prog or metal around. However each time the semblance of specificity is heard there’s a divergent hook just waiting to bring you into new sonal territory. It’s with a richness in sound that makes TRIPS hard to define but easy to listen to. While the narrative on the album talks about perception and time (the solemn zeitgeist of progs influence) there’s no predilection to fit, or not, into any boxes.

In a sense we are all held hostage to our expectancy. Within TRIPS these are quantic values that shift and shape what we hear; the album is a prolific article on Sci-Phi (Science Philosophy.) Immortalized in the words of strings and carried on the rhythm of rain, explained in the light winds that surmise the vox. The latest album from Long Distance Calling is akin to naturally occurring phenomena.


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