Lonely The Brave – The Day’s War Review

Lonely The Brave - The Day's WarThe Day’s War kicks off with a beautiful Intro track with a lot of scape that really sets this album up for how big it’s going to be. It leads into the next track, Trick of the Light. The lyrics will be picked up in no time and it’s got a really big sound to it, reminds me of Biffy Clyro with their recent height of fame. The band have also recently released this as a single and has done well for them.

Track Backroads has already been heard, thanks to their EP, and it’s already a massive tune. What more is there to add about this big song? It’s another track you’ll find yourself singing along to without even realising you knew the lyrics.

Islands is a faster track with a real driving force that feels like the perfect follow on to Backroads. It showcases just how good Lonely the Brave are and why there’s so much hype surrounding the band already for this album.

Deserter has a massive drum beat that drives the whole track. It’s another big sounding tune and could easily be another single for the band.

There is an instrumental interlude to break up this album halfway through titled Untitled. It’s a break up in the flow of the album, but it works nicely to fit in with the big scape sounding intro track. There is also an Outro track right at the end of this album to wrap everything up nicely.

Lonely The Brave have really honed and developed their sound and it’s a big sound. They like to use a lot of atmospheric scape to make their songs even bigger. It’s clear to see this band will only go on to bigger and better things.


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