Lonely the Brave – Backroads EP Review

Lonely the Brave are creating a bit of a buzz across the rock channels and they’re tipped to be the next big thing. You will totally understand why with a listen to this EP.

The Backroads EP gives off with title track Backroads. The song is not only melodic, but it’s big. It’s one of those songs you can quite easily see being used for every advert, movies and beyond. It’s got this massive scape to it and can truly paint a picture in your mind.

The next track up is Deserter which has another unique sound all of it’s own. The drums really drive this track along and the vocal performance from front man, will be hard to match by anyone.

Black Saucers is a huge track. It has elements of hardcore (mostly the guitar riff) and melodic metal. It’s like Deftones meets Alexisonfire, which is never going to be a bad thing.

The final track of this too short EP is Hope There’s Someone. This song is beautiful and clever. A stunning display of the talents of this band and proving that sometimes you need nothing other than a decent guitar and a stunning vocal to carry a track.

Lonely the Brave are the kind of band that you’ll find yourself happily air drumming away to, nodding your head and even better is that they’re on radio challenging anything that’s over produced or indeed under produced as can be the case with mainstream radio. So when this comes on, it should help make your day that little bit better because everything here is real, the guitars, the vocals and beyond. It’s real musicians, doing something a bit amazing.


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