London MCM Comic-Con 2013

London MCM Comic-Con is a bi-annual event held in the ExCel Centre, in South London. In the months of May and October, thousands of people who enjoy anime, movies, games, manga etc. gather, to share their interests, make new friends, and meet new people.

Arriving at the venue, you see hundreds of people in various cosplays as their favourite characters already waiting. Even in the queue to enter, the atmosphere is buzzing with excitement.

This year there was a hall full of stalls where you could buy anything from t-shirts, to American sweets, to plush toys, to swords. Also available were trials of new games released, like the popular Pokemon X & Y, as well as their very own Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.

Stepping out onto the green outside, you see hundreds upon hundreds of cosplayers, relaxing, roleplaying, socialising, or being photographed by the many photographers covering the event. Outside like this, there are also various meet-ups held for people who enjoy the same animes, games, and movies etc., for example: Doctor Who, Batman, Hetalia, and Naruto. With such a wide variety of people with a wider variety in interests, it is impossible to go the day without making at least one new acquaintance.

The Syfy channel had their own panel at this year’s Comic-Con, and they had arranged showings of their new TV shows, like The Originals, and there were also signings with the actors and actresses from their popular show Lost Girl.

Overall, this year’s Comic-Con was a phenomenal event with great products for sale, great panels, and great opportunities to meet new people. It is a hugely social event which allows people of all interests to find others similar to them. Who would think that something as simple as an anime, or game, could create such a huge event?

With an amazing atmosphere, and fantastic content, it really is an event worth attending.

Photography by Nigel Cordozo.

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