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liveevil black tracksLiveevil are a four piece Gothic inspired metal outfit that are mixing accessible rhythms with dank industrial sounds that coalesce into heavy anthems, sounding like they’re fresh cut themes from nineties cartoons that never happened. Yet with songs titles such as Midnight Bay, do we need more explosive hooks catching us off guard leaving an ear worm in our minds to make us dance, love and raise our fists?

Yes. We do, and yes they can. We need more, so get involved with Liveevil. Their fourth album Black Tracks is a hyper energetic blend of gripping harmonies and infective melodies that will leave you simpering in the seconds between tracks. Powerful enough to indulge in their fancies and coherent enough to make a song and dance from it Liveevil are a shimmering shade of black. Offering a classier and sophisticated approach to alternative. An alternative to the mainstream alternative scene; alt-ception.

Black Tracks is interesting as an album as it shuns the immortality promised by retelling classics ambiguously and instead tells its own contemporary story. Opting to embrace reality and draw from it rather than rewrite it. Liveevil make a sincere argument for musicians against vapid nonsense. Writing music and lyrics that stimulate thoughts beyond the physical effigies of populist material.

Brilliantly the diverse sounds from the keys will have you dreaming. While the riffs give your whiplash physio. The mixing is spread in an obtuse manner however. The guitar heavy front masks the choral mantras sung in duet by a sea of reverb shining through a box. Where the synth is often left to the side where it dances through this collection of great tunes like an extraterrestrial looking for cows to fling at Earthworm Jim.


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