Behind The Scenes: Lisbon On New Single I Don’t Know

Lisbon 2015

Lisbon have recently released a new video for their brand new single I Don’t Know, which was shot on a quiet country lane in the North of England, it sees the guys running along a road as they are pelted with flour bombs and various other projectiles! We caught up with the band for a behind-the-scenes insight into the song. Check it all out (including the video itself!) below.

On the writing and recording process of I Don’t Know
This construction of this song was actually remarkably fast. In the past we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting and polishing our tunes whilst writing – I Don’t Know was refreshingly different. I wrote the lead melody of the song whilst driving home one night, it was dark and moody which I think helped. I often sing to myself in the car due to the annoying lack of radio/stereo. I liked how it sounded so recorded it on my phone, a day later Joe (guitarist) had finished the production on his computer and we played it live a week after that.

About the song itself
This song represents the stark transition from pessimism to optimism, moving from a verse which lyrically talks about moments where I’ve been feeling low personally. The pre-chorus gradually builds with a sense of hope, stating ‘this could be the start of the something’ before climaxing with the chorus. The chorus and title itself may sound a bit clueless, but it depicts the way in which life transcends into the unknown, and how the unknown if a very exciting place indeed.

Their reasoning for choosing it as a single and video
We chose I Don’t Know as a single because we really wanted an anthemic rock-pop song. Producer Gil Norton helped with the rock elements down at Rockfield studios, giving the song some real personality, and we handled the pop sensibility side of it, we love making pop songs. We wanted to create something that would make our fans shout the words back at us with their hands in the air. After playing our hometown last Saturday I can certainly say we succeeded in doing so.

How filming the video went
The video is director Harry Jenkinson’s brainchild. We agreed that we needed to make something memorable, something different, and he came back with one of the craziest concepts we’ve ever came across. In terms of filming it was perhaps the most we’ve ever had doing a video, despite smelling like shit and destroying our legs in the process.

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