Lionface – Beast Track By Track Review

Sitting nicely in the alt-pop genre, Lionface could be on to something really good with their latest EP, as there are some very exciting sounds and concepts coming across.

Blue Heart Rate
This is the first track on the EP and definitely the strongest; starting slow and soft with an angelic voice, easing you into a trance but don’t let your guard down as there is a rude awakening grabbing your attention moments before the build up, taking you into a huge melodic chorus. As the track progresses it discovers new ways to surprise, showing it is intelligently pieced together. This track should be listened to loud!

Good Story
This track is not as strong as Blue Heart Rate but has its own quality worth listening out for, with a military sense that marches it’s way through the song. Strangely there is a relatively low dynamic to the entire song, as it never really peaks and the track ends too soon. However, this is interesting because there is a high chance that you will want to listen to it again.

We Rise
As the third and final track of this EP, We Rise is a great track to finish on, with an anthem vibe in the chorus as she belts her message across. The track starts calmly, which makes a change from the previous tracks and would definitely make an impact live. The way the track works with the bass and drums feels like they are holding back until the moment the chorus swoops in and releases all the tension; this is why this song is very powerful.

Overall, Lionface is making a statement with this EP, with three incredible tracks working well off each other. Whether or not we will be seeing more of this band, who knows, but if they keep releasing statement tracks such as these they’re sure to grab people’s attention.


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