Limp Bizkit – Gold Corba Review

Limp Bizkit
Gold Cobra

There’s those who never liked Limp Bizkit, those ready to slate this album without even a listen, those who are only just discovering them and those who were highly anticipating this release whilst still gripping onto their youth and want any such excuse to relive the nu-metal era.

It’s incredible how time has changed for both music fans of today and Fred Durst who no longer pushes his ‘fuck everyone’ attitude. Twitter shows the better side of him, a caring father and man who’s realised how much fans actually mean to a bands existence, especially after album The Unquestionable Truth which started Limp Bizkit’s quick downfall and what should of been the end for them and bands a like. Who could of guessed they’d be back, perhaps not nearly as big as they were but big enough to be taken back into the arms of their fans gracefully.

Does Gold Cobra reflect that rocky journey? Perhaps.

Tracks ‘Get A Life’, ‘Why Try’ and ‘Bring It Back’ emphasise that raw and rocky attitude Limp Bizkit once had, where as tracks ‘Loser’ and ‘Walking Away’ edges closer to that of The Unquestionable Truth, dangerous territory to be going. It feels cautious, as if Fred Durst decided he didn’t want to push it too far and it makes the whole album come off more calmer than some fans might have hoped for. It could have been a heck more adventurous and then, perhaps, more fans would have applauded their return. But what it purely stands for is a chance for the older fans to enjoy; to feel ‘young’ again despite being older and wiser.

So it’s a fair attempt from Limp Bizkit. The beats, the bass, the guitar all feel as fresh as older albums. Just next time Fred, lets just go wild please. As much as people appreciate bands growing up and maturing their sound, we are talking about nu-metal.

As for the ‘bonus’ tracks, they’re what I would call ‘b-sides’. They’re just not needed on the album and what ended well with ‘Why Try’ is suddenly dragged down to the depths of ‘What the hell were you thinking’, despite Fred’s good intentions. Save yourself a few pounds and buy the normal version.


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