Limp Bizkit – Brixton Academy, London 29/05/12

You know that term, ‘life is what you make of it’, well to me that partly applies to concerts too. A band can only do so much on a stage and I feel at times it’s up to you to join in and enjoy it. You can’t blame the band for the venue over selling tickets, you can’t blame them for being stuck in a position where a view of the stage is nigh impossible and the sound unhearable. You can’t blame them for the summers heat turning the venue into a sauna and you can’t blame them for the long and strenuous travel you made to the concert in the first place.

I say this as we enter the hall and instantly hit a wall of people. Looking around there isn’t an inch not consumed by a LB fan and clear the venue over sold tickets. It doesn’t get off to a good start as booing erupts around the floor as they come on late. We’re greeted by a very hang loose attitude and Wes in one incredible crotchless outfit, even after kicking off with My Generation its something that was hard to take the eyes off. A few songs into the set and it was clear to how popular Limp Bizkit still are in this day and age. Who would of thought it?

As the set moves on and the obvious classics come out Durst persists to talk between every song and create these awkward silences that gets the crowd questioning their professionalism tonight. The usual spout of being thankful is repeated along with intervals which only take up time in which others songs could of been played. We guess this is due to the band being exhausted after their European tour but the set felt incredibly short even at 15 songs long. In spite of the this they sound magnificent, even if a fellow fan in the crowd discusses how her elderly mother moves around the house more than Durst has moved around the stage.

As we move through the set, My Way, Counterfeit, Break Stuff and Take A Look Around always arouse the crowd to go mental, that is, until the encore occurs. Another fan in the crowd delightfully shouts “They better not play Behind Blue Eyes” and they do just that. We’re unsure as to why Durst enjoys singing this. We throw out guesses that he wants to prove he can sing but the crowd don’t care and fear for his sake, never will.

The gig moves past curfew and you could cut the tension with a knife between venue boss and band. They plea for longer but know they have to cut a classic. Wes brings out three guitars and asks the crowd to pick two of three songs, Nookie, Rollin’ and Faith. In the crowds eyes they should play all three and it’s only infuriating more fans by wasting time deciding.

Over the years Durst has become a lil’ softie. Previously on Twitter he gave out twenty guest list places to fans who tweeted him videos and photos, how very noble of him, and it continues on stage. He invites a fan up to help with end hit Rollin’ who instinctively shouts “Fuck Kerrang” at first chance. This invokes a funny sight where Durst and Wes squirm and reluctantly agree citing that it doesn’t represent the view of the band – how very rock n roll. Rollin ends in a stage invasion Limp Bizkit style, mostly girls.


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