Limb – Terminal Review

limb terminalLimb are back with their second album Terminal and it has really built on the foundations that were laid with their self-titled debut, resulting in a rather formidible and punchy release.

There’s a lot more momentum to this album compared with their last effort and it really feels like the band are going somewhere with Terminal, with each track having its own identity, and Limb aren’t afraid to incorporate several different styles and approaches into their music, crafting Terminal into a wholly engaging listen.

Whilst a stoner-doom vibe is entwined through all of the tracks as the ‘main’ genre, Micromegas has a punkier edge, penultimate track Mortuary Teeth is delivered in a more hardcore style, with the introduction sounding like it’s played in some garage and even features some powerful harsh vocals for good measure, and closer Cocytus is a sludgier and slow-paced things that winds the album down rather well. It’s clear that Limb have really thought things through with this and it’s a well-constructed listen that slows superbly from track to track.

Limb have really stepped things up with Terminal and this time round have proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with. A great and engaging listen.


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