Lifewalker – RX Review

lifewalker“I really enjoy this band!” Those are the first words than come to mind after hearing the first impressive track titled Genesis by the haunting Lifewalker. A mix of Nine Inch Nails meets A Perfect Circle meets Halestorm meets something a little different. Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, Lifewalker isn’t pulling any musical punches. Every track is a journey, and every journey is visceral, and well worth your attention.

Opening with the beautiful, ethereal, and dark song Genesis, this track starts with vocals that sound as if they were sung from a ghost, and when the piano hits and the drums come in, the song lifts off and becomes something stunning. The vocals are exciting and passionate, and there is a real cinematic sense of attention to detail here. A great way to open up to your new fans indeed. Diagnose Me follows after Genesis, but where Genesis starts out methodically slow, Diagnose Me kicks it in to high gear from the moment it starts. In the vein of Three Days Grace meets My Chemical Romance, this track is venomous and exciting.

The track titled Hollow Vessels is simply put, epic. Everything about the song is big, from the movie-like opening to the catchy-as-hell chorus. The guitars are on point along with the drums that have been tastefully laid down. I have no doubt that this is going to be a fan favorite. Meanwhile, Stimulus is a beast of a song. Fast paced, hard hitting, emotionally driven, and a message that runs straight through to your bleeding heart. I would think this song should be considered for a single, but it might break the radio with its wrath. Either way, all fans should be sharing this immediately with their friends to bring more bodies into the Lifewalker camp.

The RX Ep is amazing. I can’t think of anything else that an indie band can possibly bring to the table without the guidance of a larger label. This EP is packed with originality and depth. Every member of this band should be excited about what they are bringing to the table, and I for one cannot wait to own the entire album when it is released.


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