Life of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain Review

LOA CoverAfter twelve years of relative studio silence the mighty New York quartet Life of Agony give us their fifth full-length A Place Where There’s No More Pain. Having lost none of their charm they sound just as energized as they did during their millennial records.

Almost a new kind of rock you could describe their unique sound as psychedelic metal with a short attention span. The latter coming from the pop structure that delivers hook after hook relentlessly encouraging the metal roots into the fore while the deeply rhythmic chords, like a new kind of blues, make it hard not to move your head in solidarity.

Life of Agony are different from their contemporary peers. The insightful lyrics of Mina Caputo bear her true colours in a sugar coated layer of voracious riffs tinged with a slice of life honesty. Showing a depth that goes beyond allegorical musings. In short the emotional tuning on this album is real and presented with authenticity.

A Place Where There’s No More Pain is a genuine return packed with more heat than Iron Man. There’s a glowing heart in both packages giving strength and Life of Agony’s newest album, like Tony Stark, can fly on that ingenious power. Although there’s a different strain of heroism on display through album it’s no less glorious. Musicians as superheroes? Lead the way.


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