Latitudes – Old Sunlight

latitudes old sunlightOld Sunlight, the third album and fourth entry into Londons’ darkest Latitudes’ discography is a conscientious and meticulous resurgence of their deep and dank sound. Offering continuation from their previous efforts. More of the same can easily convey what to expect if you have encountered them before.

However it’s not completely unoriginal. Leaving the warm synths from past endeavors outside and freeing the music from the constraints of typicality the procession of riffs often take flight and soar into lush territories that whisper with chilling synth pads. In comparison to their older work, Old Sunlight sounds wizened and much more confident without compromising the architectural integrity of the band.

All the familiar aspects of Latitudes’ work have ripened on Old Sunlight. Yet instead of being fresh and rich in flavour it now feels sour and rushed. The old demon Rhythm hides behind the lead guitar, or more accurately follows sedately like a tamed mule. Tiredly carrying the pride of Pink Floyd.

Great riffs offer moments of sincerity but the dissonance is not matched in discordance. It bleeds really well but it sounds like a flowing stream rather than a torrential river. Which is great for indulgent guitarists but the drum track sounds like a ticking mill or wheels on a trike. Epic Monster Trike training wheels.


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  1. …and your comment trev, reads closely to defamation.

    Can you elucidate the definition of intellectual you are referring to and its use in relation to this article? (Constructive criticism is always welcome.)


  2. I’ve read this review twice and it’s still a confusing mess. It just comes across like someone trying, and failing, to sound intellectual. I can’t believe for one minute that this was proof read either, because the general level of punctuation and syntax is appalling. Shame, because this band/album deserves better than this amateur tripe.

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