Lärmheim – Cent Soleils Review

cent soleilsFrom Switzerland comes some of the most manic and intense electronic experimental music you have ever heard. The artist known as Lärmheim, has declared an all-out-war on the senses with his edgy and forceful album Cent Soleils. To truly enjoy Lärmheim to its fullest you will need to accept the music as an art piece more than typical music. It will take an open mind and does not hold your hand through the intense experience.

The opening track titled One Second Before The Most Blinding Light Of All, cannot be considered a song as much as a weird psychological experiment aimed at actually recreating that exact moment where everything gets beyond intense.

The track titled Deadeye is just as unforgiving as the opening one, but instead drags out the experiment even longer. It offers a more musical composition as the song progresses. It should be noted that I am completely sober right now, and I am not sure if this is the state in which you are supposed to be absorbing this sort of sound, if I am to be completely honest. The track starts off as noise, but somewhere in the middle it becomes something beautiful and haunting. It can only be explained as how I would perceive the potential final moments of your life, when everything just breaks up and fades out.

Alctrines is a continuation of this artistic psychological endeavor, but rather than taking us through the louder and more aggressive part, this track mercifully keeps it subdued and constant. It follows more of Nine Inch Nails path than most of the others. One of the last songs on the eclectic album is titled Video Game Soundtrack, and this is the first track on the album that sounds like a song with a structure. It is fast paced and gets my vote for the best track on the album.

In closing, the album Cent Soleils is unlike anything I have ever heard, it is a success in noise compilation and artistic freeform, and with a few bright moments to break up the darkness, this will be an album for a very specific audience.


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