Lacey – Under The Brightest Lights Review

lacey-under-the-brightest-lightsLacey are a rock band from Nottingham and their debut album is a very good starting point for the band to build a loyal fan base in the flourishing British rock scene.

The album opens with their debut single Tonight which is filled with arena sized choruses, rocking riffs and huge drums and is a great way to open up the album for all it’s worth. The vocals are strong and rich and incredibly easy to listen to. The drums sound incredible and work with the song to build it up and the bass really makes the build ups stand out as it’s such a full sounding bass. The guitar is very friendly and clean which shows the talent of the guitarists and the complexity of the riffs.

Find A Way is a very commercial and emotional song, the vocals sound lovely and the vocalist demonstrates his obvious abilities as a singer with his ability to hold notes and how effortless he makes singing this song sound. The bass is very subtle but the song would be no where near as moving without it. It gives the song that depth to help move it and make people sway. The guitar is complex and moving and sounds tight and fresh.

Reach Out is a heavier song that will make you move, the intro riff mixed with pounding drums makes a head bang worthy instrumental. The song settles down as it goes on and has some slower instrumental parts and bridges. The band can clearly write upbeat songs as shown with this song, Tonight and The Last Time, the drums are well performed and the drum fills are well executed and show the drums sheer talent.

The band have written a great piece of work with this album – it’s very commercial and could easily get radio play and television play with the right marketing. They have talent, that’s clear to see, but the band are at threat of just being another rock band if they don’t broaden their horizons with their song writing.


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