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Lacey are an alternative rock band that were the winners of a Drop Dead Clothing competition that enabled them to record their song Tonight at Steel City Studios. The competition also enabled them to record a music video for the first song of their debut album Under The Brightest Light which is due to be released April 20th.

The song Tonight is an incredibly well written song with a sing along chorus that will creep it’s way into your mind and you’ll find yourself singing it for days. The guitar and bass in the song sound incredible and both have lovely tones and are written well to build the bridges up and really bring the hard hitting drums into perspective. The production on the song is also great all of the instruments fit well together.

The video is a tad disappointing for such a good song. It’s a very unimaginative video with the band performing in what looks to be an attic overlooking a street. With some fancy lighting and cross over effects between cameras it’s nice to look at for a minute or two, but it does not do the song justice, the band should have defiantly thought outside the box and not played it safe as the video lets down the incredible song.

If Lacey’s debut album is of the same high standard of Tonight then in the coming years they could join bands like Mallory Knox, Young Guns and Blitz Kids on the front lines of up and coming British rock.


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