Kuoleman Galleria – Kärsimys Kunniaan Review

Kuoleman Galleria - Kärsimys KunniaanKärsimys kunniaan is the brand new album from Finnish black’n’rollers Kuoleman Galleria and it’s an excellent and powerful listen that will maintain your interest from start to finish.

Although the album’s introduction is somewhat of a pointless exercise, basically consisting of some shouted Finnish littered with a lot of expletives, thankfully the first full track gets things off to a better start. Punchy, hard-hitting and with a tonne of drive behind it, it shows that Kuoleman Galleria mean business and a particularly good element of the track is the insanely catchy guitar riff that plays throughout the entire track’s duration – it’s one of those lines that will be rattling round your head for days after you’ve heard it.

The album progresses from there and it’s clear that Kuoleman Galleria have found a format that works for them because each song has as much bite as the last and also, whilst everything fits together fantastically, each individual song has its own unique flavour, so it makes for an engaging listen as a result, with songs Sielujen Torilla and Tieteen Nimeen being particularly good. There’s even a Barathrum cover thrown in for good measure too!

As a whole, Kärsimys Kunniaan is a great listen – Kuoleman Galleria is a band you really need to watch out for!


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