Korsakoffs – King Of The Rocket Men Review

Korsakoffs have been causing waves in the South Wales underground scene for just over a year now, but it was only recently that they released their first proper offering, their three-track EP King Of The Rocket Men.

Opener Johnny B-Good is chock-full of riffs and noise, bringing a great mix of aggression and melody. With an awesome repeated guitar riff that has the potential to get stuck in your head for weeks, it’s a very strong opener but unfortunately the ending is a little lacklustre and sounds like they’re just losing steam rather than rounding up the track.

Barbarian Barbara is more of a noisy number. It’s not quite as memorable as the other two and doesn’t deliver in the riffs department, and it struggled a bit as a result. Lots of elements within the song seemed quite similar and merged into one another, which was a shame after the promise of Johnny B-Good!

Closer Barks Lungs In Taspic picks things up again though. The lengthiest song of the EP, there are a lot of different ideas and sounds that are explored in this one. There’s crashing drums and noisy guitars, and also slower and softer moments. It just works, which is great to witness because sometimes tracks constructed in this way wind up sounding a little jumbled and scatty, but this really isn’t the case with this one – it’s a great effort.

To summarise, King Of The Rocket Men is a fairly good release. Sure, maybe some tracks are stronger than others, but it’s well worth the £1.50 they’re asking for it on their bandcamp – so why not go and treat yourself? A promising debut from this up-and-coming band.


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