Korsakoffs – Hobos, Bridgend 16/03/13

Spirits were high as I arrived at Hobos, due to Wales having just won the Six Nations title in the rugby (Editors note – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!). There was a good feeling about the room as people milled about, waiting for the gig to get underway.

Opening band Set To Break (6/10) certainly had a lot of support from the crowd, with some “interesting” dance moves going down on the floor, but they lacked stage presence and singer George seemed a little unconfident throughout the set, choosing to perform from an almost stationary position for the majority of it. However their songs did show a lot of potential, so this band definitely have the talent to go places once they gain a bit more confidence in their live show.

The second band of the night was With Flight (8/10), who slowed things down a little with their more melodic and relaxed approach. I was particularly impressed with singer Adam’s sheer passion for the songs he was performing, looking like he was pouring his entire heart and soul into it all. Sometimes their songs were a little open-ended, with the crowd being unsure about when they were over, but aside from that it was a very enjoyable set.

Korsakoffs (10/10) were on top form, blasting through an incredible set with a lot of energy from everyone. Their music is a perfect mix of melody and aggression, and it comes across perfectly in a live setting, with the four of them always looking incredibly relaxed in each other’s company onstage. Unfortunately, near the end of their set, a fight broke out, but this just didn’t seem to faze them, carrying on until the end of the song, where singer/guitarist Ben commented that he hoped the individuals involved had “put their handbags down” and that they should “kiss and make up”, which brought a little bit of humour to a situation that could have ruined the mood of the entire gig.

Continuing as if nothing had happened, they then did a tribute to ex Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, who had recently passed away, and it brought a more sombre mood to the room, before they went out on a high with arguably their best song of the night, Evil Crag.

A brilliant performance from an all-round brilliant band. Korsakoffs are surely one to watch out for.




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