Singled Out: Knites – Could Have Lied


Knites recently released their new single Could Have Lied. We caught up with them for the lowdown on it!

What’s the story behind Could Have Lied?
Could Have Lied is about making mistakes in life and not realizing before it’s too late to learn from them. It’s a universal song for people to interpret how they wish to but to me, that’s what it means.

Can you describe your writing and recording process for it?
We decided to record and produce the track ourselves. The reason for this was to maximise our ideas into reality and the end result with the song. The other reason was that It’s a cheaper option and we don’t have any time or financial constraints. This means we can be as creative as we wish and not have any pressure during the recording process. It’s a healthy way to work.

What made you choose the song as a single?
The reason we chose this song as a single is that it shows the two main sides to the band. The minimal groove based verses and the heavier big choruses and riffs. It was also the most direct song from the EP which instantly makes an impact.

Would you say this song is representative of future material from you, or is it more of a standalone piece?
The song definitely represents the elements of alternative rock music we love but who knows how we will continue to develop. There’s lots of music and styles I would love to incorporate within the band’s musical context so It will be an interesting journey to see how we progress.

And finally what’s in store for 2016 for you?
More song writing. We want to top ourselves and make our newer tracks even better than our previous efforts. A new music video is on the horizon also and lots of exciting meetings, which we can’t tell you a thing about!

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