Singled Out: Knifeworld – Destroy the World We Love Review

Knifeworld - The UnravellingKnifeworld are set to release their second full length album, The Unravelling, via Inside Out Music, on the 21st July in Europe, and the 22nd July in the US. In anticipation, the 8-piece band have released a new track from the album, titled Destroy the World We Love, which we’ve had a listen to.

After having a listen to the track, from a personal point of view, it can only be described as hippie rock. Front man Kavus Torabi is a well experienced musician, and has taken inspiration from heavy metal, indie, folk and progressive rock in other songs; but has taken a very psychedelic rock route with this particular track. The song has a very dreamy, sluggish, hippie vibe to it; as it utilises layers of harmonies, and lingering notes. It has a very unusual, distinct sound, as the song also has a few odd timing changes, which make it sound jumpy at points.

The video also has a very psychedelic look to it, as it contains typical psychedelic patterns, and uses lots of bright colours. There are kaleidoscope style shots, and lots of layered shots of the various band members, with the colours edited. It very much plays to the stereotype of how anything described as psychedelica should look, but it matches the song very well.


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