Kuolevan Maan Kulkijat Tour Finalised

Kuolevan Maan Kulkijat

Vorna and Thyrien will be heading out on a co-headline tour in Finland starting from October 2 and the dates and lineups for the shows have just been finalised.

After a year since the release of their critically acclaimed debut full-length Ajastaika (check out our review here), the band is now joining forces with the Finnish folk metal squad Thyrien who released their long-awaited debut album Hymns of the Mortals – Songs from the North in the beginning of this year through Massacre Records.

These two ambitious acts are ready to strike with full force as they hit the road in October. The autumnal conquest with the total amount of 8 selected shows (Thyrien performing on 6 out of 8) shall lead through various Finnish locations where the finest local support acts shall join the shows.

Kuolevan Maan Kulkijat (tr. The Wanderers of the Dying Land) is a concept drawing its spirit from the darkening time of year and death. After the colourful life has come to its end, it is time to head out for the paths unknown. The name is taken from the Vorna track Kuolevan maan kulkija.

The dates run as follows:
02 October 2014 – Vorna, Frosttide, The Priest at Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna FI
03 October 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien, Hate Redaction at Tuppuralan Baari, Mikkeli FI
04 October 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien, Prayed And Betrayed at Katse, Jyväskylä FI
10 October 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien at Motör Pub, Lahti FI
11 October 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien, Winterthroned at On the Rocks, Helsinki FI
17 October 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien, Kaarnekorpi at Varjobaari, Tampere FI
27 November 2014 – Vorna, Vetten Äpärät at Semifinal, Helsinki FI
12 December 2014 – Vorna, Thyrien, My Grimace, Among The Prey at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä FI

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