Kloq – The Gun EP Review

Kloq The GunKloq is a band that has been on our radar since the release of their rather excellent album Begin Again, a catchy and accessible offering that will remain with you for long after you’ve finished listening to it. Their new EP The Gun picks up right where Kloq left off with Begin Again, and it’s almost like a direct continuation, featuring all the hooks and elements that made their album so good, whilst also seeing the band trying a few different things at the same time.

The Gun opens with This Beat, a catchy and rather Hadouken!-esque piece that grabs your interest with its introduction and holds it from then-on, and the EP progresses well from there into the title track The Gun, which is a bit more of an electronic-driven track with an opening that will be rattling round your head for weeks and a beat that will get your foot tapping before you even realise it. The vocals on this one are particularly passionate and are a joy to listen to.

The highlight of the EP has to be Drive, however. There’s a lot of momentum and movement to the song, and it’s one of those songs you’ll find yourself humming along to long after the EP has come to a close. It’s well-constructed and really leaves an impression on you before The Gun comes to a close with Black Slab, which is perhaps the weakest of the four songs of the release. It doesn’t quite pack the same sort of punch as the other three, with slightly weaker vocals and less memorable moments, and whilst it’s by no means a bad song, it means the EP doesn’t quite end on the high that Kloq are capable of achieving.

As a whole, The Gun is an excellent little listen that shows a great deal of talent from this rising fourpiece – great stuff.


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