Klone – Here Comes The Sun Review

klone here comes the sunAs a band that’s been about for a while now, it’s perhaps fair to say that Klone know what works and what doesn’t work for them at this point in their career and Here Comes The Sun is testament to that as it’s a strong and atmospheric piece from the outfit.

There’s something wonderfully chilled and relaxing about the album as a whole, and the vocals are well-punctuated atop of the smooth instrumentation, making for a very atmospheric piece. Here Comes The Sun is easy to listen to and very accessible, yet it’s also complex and detailed if you look a little closer, with complex little melodies peppered about the songs for good measure – it’s just a nice blend.

Here Comes The Sun features some absolutely great songs, one of which being Gone Up In Flames which has some very emotionally-driven vocals and versatile instrumentation that ranges from sparse stripped-back moments to triumphant chunky moments. Another highlight is Grim Dance, which as the name suggests is more of a darker track and has this great mysterious vibe. The way the song is constructed is great, with softer ambient sections juxtaposed against heavier moments, and it really helps the track to stand out.

There’s not much that can be faulted with Here Comes The Sun, and it’s a very enjoyable listen. A little more variation in parts would be nice, but despite that, it’s still an album that shouldn’t be missed.


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