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Kjeld-SkymKjeld – the other black metal band Kjeld from the Netherlands – are reavers. Razing an incendiary wave of harsh noise and delightful tones reminiscent of Thorns and Emperor. Their first full-length release Skym is an aggravating duel of the senses.

Retaining an aria similar to the elements of legendary virtuosos Kjeld have crafted an album wrought by searing passion through discordant layers and folding them into a strident force. Imbuing music with dark and energetic majesty, like engineering harsh climes into a device for comfort. Grandiose but not impossible.

Accessible industrial rhythms spread out over a dissonant landscape of blast beats and forge a base for excellent riffs that forge the album in soaring black metal. Defying the dirge often accompanying popular black metal by retaining a semblance of melancholy but re-appropriating it with malcontent power. The melodies present on Skym are simple but effective in creating the sentiment of true BM and populating a heavy atmosphere.

The writing on this album is impeccable, it is not yet another epitaph upon the knights of graveless souls but a reprieve to carnal satiation for a considered and structured fairytale. Bracing a well developed sound giving space to the illustrious musings on the album.

Skym holds the essence of something great and to fulfill this augur? Black metal is war and Skym is an instrument of sonic cataclysm and while reaping time has come the trails of a double edged axe can be heard cutting logs from the trees.


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