Kivimetsän Druidi – The Lost Captains Review

Kivimetsän Druidi lost captainsIt has been an incredibly long time since Kivimetsän Druidi last put out some new material (six years, in fact!) but they have finally returned with a three-track EP entitled The Lost Captains and it can safely be said that it has been worth the wait. Although only three tracks in duration, The Lost Captains is still a lengthy and engrossing release that is definitely worth you investing your time in, and it showcases a band on top form – and one that is ready to take the folk metal scene by storm once again.

The opening track, which also serves as the title track, starts with some stunning stripped-back instrumentals that adds a good amount of atmosphere and sets the scene well before the clean vocals kick in and the track gains a ‘fuller’ sound as a result. The symphonic elements add a lot of body and ambience to the song whilst the two different vocal styles give it a lot more drive, and it’s no real surprise that the band chose this track as the title track because it’s certainly the strongest track of the release.

The following two tracks, Night Before The Dark and Whispers Of The Wind, are also great tracks in their own right. Night Before The Dark features some great melodies that juxtapose well against the harsh vocals whereas the clean vocals complement them perfectly, and Whispers Of The Wind is a glorious closer that ends the EP on a high and leaves the listener wanting more as it comes to a close with some stripped-back vocals and piano.

As a whole, you can’t really go wrong with this EP – Kivimetsän Druidi are currently at the top of their game and if this is anything to go by, their next full length will be incredible.


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