King Of Asgard – Karg Review

King Of Asgard KargIt’s always nice to come across an album that you can connect with on a few levels and one such release is the third full-length offering from blackened death metallers King Of Asgard, Karg. Earworm after earworm of catchy and memorable tracks, the band haven’t really put a foot wrong here and it’s an absolutely fantastic and engaging listen.

After a gripping opening track, The Trickster instantly grabs your interest with a tremendously funky-yet-dark sounding introductions, and the opening vocals, performed in a clean and almost choral style are something to behold. It’s just a stunning inclusion and one that will get your head banging and your foot tapping.

Omma is more of an intriguing inclusion, which sees the band take a slightly different approach at first with soft piano tones before a slow and somewhat doomy guitar line kicks in. The atmosphere then builds and builds, with more energy and life being injected as the track progresses, which makes for a refreshing listen due to it being something a little different than simply a wall of noise from start to finish (although those are good too).

Quite simply, Karg is a phenomenal listen and is an accessible album to both fans of black metal and death metal. Absolutely excellent stuff.


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