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Ahead of the release of King Goat’s Conduit LP (our review of which is coming soon!) we caught up with them to get an insight into their music tastes and influences. Check it out below!

A song that influenced them
Petros: Opeth – Heir Apparent
A phenomenally heavy track. It starts abruptly with a horrible chord and finishes smoothly with a soulful, almost jazzy, and emotive instrumental lines. Made me think a lot about intros and outros and how important is their place in every song.
Joe: Edge of Sanity – Crimson
I’m not sure if this is cheating or not because it’s both a song and a full album, running at just over 40mins. This is, in my opinion, one of the finest bits of progressive metal out there and the great use of dynamics and the stylistic shifts definitely influence how I see songs structurally.

A song they wish they could have written
Joe: Ved Buens Ende – I Sang For The Swans
I remember hearing this one when I was going through the Misanthropy Records releases and it really made me stop and give my full attention. Stylistically so different to anything I’d heard before, I’d love to create something that gives people that same shock!
Petros: Ihsahn – Unhealer
Maybe this one is more about the idea of writing a song with Ihsahn and Mikael Akerfeldt. That guitar tone on that solo too…… Daaaaymn.

Their favourite King Goat song
Petros: Flight of the Deviants
I feel this track to be the one that most expresses what we mean by progressive doom metal, with psychedelic influences.
Joe: Revenants
This is on our album, and we’ve been playing it a lot live recently.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
Petros: Universe 217 – Rest Here
My favourite Greek band at the moment. They’ve got a truly unique and phenomenal vocalist, and a great way of writing riffs that build up their songs effectively, creating a truly heavy atmosphere.

Their all-time favourite song

Trim: Rainbow – Stargazer
It’s Dio and Blackmore at the peak of their respective powers – nothing else to say!

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