Kimi Kärki – Eye For An Eye Review

Eye For An Eye is the chilled and stripped-back second album from Finnish artist Kimi Kärki (who as well as being a Finnish cultural historian, has also composed material for Reverend Bizarre, Uhrijuhla and others!) and it’s a sombre, gentle listen that is absolutely dripping with emotion.

The album has quite a melancholic vibe to it as a whole, yet at the same time the lightness of the approach and delivery adds another level to the music. The simplicity of the piece really works well, with the vocals carrying the music fantastically. There’s a good, clean rawness to the smoothly performed vocals, and they add a lot of atmosphere to the acoustic guitars.

Good Things In Life, the fifth track of the album, is perhaps the strongest of the piece. The ethereal female vocals that join in on occasion add a beautiful tone to the song, and it really stands out as a result. You can’t help but want to sing along to it, as it’s just one of those tracks that will inexplicably get stuck in your head!

All in all, a good second album from Kärki, proving he is a versatile musician capable of writing in several different styles. Watch this space!


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