Kill Division – Destructive Force Review

It has to be said that a fantastic introduction can add so much to a release, and that’s exactly what Kill Division March does. Slowly building up and gaining momentum, it really gets things off to a roaring start and sets up the album magnificently.

However, as the album gets underway, something that swiftly becomes apparent is the quality of the vocals. Perhaps it’s because the mix isn’t quite right, but the vocals just feel drowned out by the other instruments and it’s almost like neither vocalist quite has the power behind their vocals that they need, which is a shame.

There are some really high points of the album, like Made Of Lies, which is exactly what a metal song should be. With in-your-face guitars and endlessly hammered drums, this track really shines and stands out amongst the crowd – definitely one of the must-listens of the album.

It’s quite a shame that this album doesn’t quite manage to go the distance because the potential is certainly there. But as the band is still relatively new, there’s still plenty of time for them to find themselves yet! It will be interesting to hear where they go next.


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