Kids in Glass Houses – Solus, Cardiff 03/10/13

Any opportunity I get to see Kids in Glass Houses, I instantly jump at and I shall explain why. I arrived at the venue, 20 minutes before the doors were due to open to discover a humongous queue had formed. This queue reached from the door to the Student Union, down the staircase, all the way half way down the street. I was unsurprised to see that the queue was predominantly female.

dsc_0894The nightclub was filling up lovely from the local support to take to the stage. A few weeks prior, a campaign was sent out to find a local support and Calling All Heroes won the support role. The young band with a young female vocalist began their set, for an opening act to work, they would have to begin to warm up an excited crowd and they did. The only issue I have is that although the lead singer was acting as if she was having a good time, the rest of the band were static, yet they seemed to be enjoying the audience’s response to their music.

The stage was then taken over by The Propellers. The indie looking 5 piece band, who I personally hasn’t heard of seemed to have an adoring fan base, front of stage. The unusally poppy group were not very active but their uplifting sound was a pleasant discovery. I am unsure why I hadn’t heard of them before as they are a band I would happy see again.

Cartel were up next. I was looking forward to seeing them live as I have only recently discovered them and instantly fell in love with their songs. They didn’t disappoint either. I feel that they melodic sounds were the perfect presound for Kids In Glass Houses.

dsc_1120After a lengthy wait, the time the crowd were eagerly waiting for had arrived. Down with the lights and up with the roar of the crowd. I admit, I did join in with them. 
I was surprised to hear they bands newest songs played first yet I found Drive and Peace to be a good warm up to the songs that 99.9% of the crowd knew all the lyrics to. Although I have seen them over 10 times before they never seem to disappoint. Aled’s vocals are identical to their albums bet they always put a twang on their lives songs to keep you on your toes. As I expected, they played Matters at All as their final piece with no encore which felt was unneeded as the whole set was incredible throughout. 
I must congratulate the band for picking complimenting support acts for their opening show.


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