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I first laid my ears on Kids In Glass Houses in 2008 when I came across their debut EP E-Pocalypse! On the back of the EP I caught them playing in Norwich on their Autumn 2008 tour and became an instant fan of their individual, catchy and honest tunes in a live show that was modest and yet bursting with well drilled confidence.

Fast forward 5 years and KIGH are about to release their 4th album Peace from which I believe from first listen will have you hooked with an offering of catchy, uplifting tunes. There is a similar feel to their debut album here with a collection of ten entertaining, memorable songs but also evident is the experience gained in penning the four albums and from extensive touring.

Lyrically Aled Phillips wears his heart on his sleeve here and invites you to look into his life with a vocal guided tour complimented by air guitar-worthy riffs and a subtle bass line. Produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari, Gallows, Young Guns), Peace was made possible by the support of their fans through the Pledge music fund-raising scheme.

Opening track and album title Peace is a fine start with Phillips vocals setting the tone right from the off, as soon as you hear the opening line you just know this is a Kids in Glass Houses release. Next up recent single Drive which takes the tempo down just a notch but will have you nodding your head along in no time.

Set My Body Free is no doubt going to be a crowd favourite with a sing along chorus along with a bouncing rhythm. Keyboards are used well throughout the album and in particular in V I People which is interesting lyrical topic in itself. The tempo goes right down with closing track and my personal favourite Nightcrawler and shows the versatility of the band, not only can they produce ‘chart friendly’ tunes they can deliver that chilled out  ‘lighter in the air’ vibe too.

Now I could offer my thoughts on the rest of the tracks but that’s where you come in, hopefully I’ve set the scene, now go out and support great British music and make your own mind up.

Peace brings a much needed offering to the UK music scene right now, it’s different from what other bands have done and are doing. Don’t get me wrong that’s no thinly veiled criticism of the current state of the music market right now, it’s healthier than ever.

What you get with Peace is an album with meaning, an album that you can listen to and soak up the lyrical meanings or just simply dance around the room to. I’m positive this album will satisfy the long term fans but also gain them new ones. If their first three albums (in their own rights all great albums I might add) were a dress rehearsal then surely this is the main event?


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