Blast From The Past: Kids In Glass Houses – E-Pocalypse!

Kids In Glass Houses E-PocalypseAll good things come to an end and after a successful career, Kids In Glass Houses are set to bring things to a close with their final show in their hometown of Cardiff on Halloween.

2006 saw the release of their debut EP E-Pocalypse, following their two demos in 2004 and 2005, and you can really see the potential within the five tracks contained on it.

Opening with arguably the most striking song of the lot, Telenovela, you can tell the band means business. The music is energetic and punchy, and way it builds up into the harsh vocals is incredible before Aled’s trademark clean vocals get going. The lyrics of the chorus are fairly simplistic, just featuring the words my poetry is better than your poetry, but they’re effective and quickly get stuck in your head, remaining there long after the song comes to a close.

Things progress well from there into Me Me Me, a big sing-along number, and following track Easy Tiger is a bit of a mini masterpiece. It’s a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on mainstream radio and you can just tell from this song alone that Kids In Glass Houses have the ability to go far in the industry, which they subsequently achieved with later releases!

The latter half of the EP is arguably a little bit weaker, with Raise Hell and Historia not quite packing the same sort of punch as the first three tracks. The songs are okay, but not close to being as memorable as the openers, which is a little disappointing because it’s like they put all their effort into the earlier songs and ran out of ideas in the latter half.

However, as a whole E-Pocalypse is a good listen – and even listening to it now, you can see this was a band on the brink of success. Kids In Glass Houses are going to be sorely missed.


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