Khroma – Stasis Review

Khroma StasisStasis, the sophomore album from Helsinki electro metal outfit Khroma, is not exactly one of the most engaging of listens and although it only weighs in at about 37 minutes in duration, it sure feels like it’s a lot longer.

The main problem with this album is that there’s just no variety to it. All nine songs sound nigh-on identical to one another and there’s no differentiating between one song to the next. It’s difficult to know when one song ends and the next begins if you aren’t paying attention, but on the other hand the songs aren’t the most gripping ones out there so there’s nothing about the music that really draws you in.

It feels like Khroma has talent, but unfortunately it does feel like they’re not reaching their full potential with this release. There’s power behind the vocals, the instrumentation is nice and weighty, and the electronic sections are succinctly delivered, but when you’re presented with nine similar songs one after the other, it lessens the impact of them all somewhat.

As a whole, Stasis just leaves a lot to be desired – it definitely leaves the listener wanting more, but not necessarily more in a good way.


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