Blast From The Past: Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance Review

katatonia-great-cold-distanceOn the day that this review will go live, I will be in Bulgaria, gearing up to watch Katatonia perform this album in full with an orchestra – so surely it’s a perfect excuse to write about this fantastic album!

The Great Cold Distance is quite often described as one of the ‘essential’ Katatonia albums, and is perhaps one of their most-loved albums – and it’s clear why because this album really delivers. The emotion dripping from the music is stunning, and the vocals will send shivers down your spine. Additionally, it’s an album that just doesn’t get old. No matter how many times you come back to it, it still sounds fresh and engaging, which is certainly a sign of a good piece.

There’s so many good songs on the album that each of them stand out in their own way, but a particular highlight comes early on in the album with fourth track My Twin. The chorus is so catchy that you’ll surely find yourself humming along to it for days, and the tearjerking lyrics are beautifully melancholic – it’s a winning combination, and it’s no wonder that this song was chosen as one of the album’s singles.

The Great Cold Distance is quite simply a great album that has stood the test of time – it’s almost difficult to believe it is ten years old already…!


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