Katatonia – The Fall Of Hearts Review

Katatonia - Fall Of HeartsKatatonia are back with their brand new offering The Fall Of Hearts and yet again the band has delivered, with a stunning and emotive album that you will definitely want to keep coming back to.

One of the best things about Katatonia’s sound is how emotive the music is as a whole; the vocal delivery is always spinetinglingly beautiful and when coupled with the powerful instrumentation it’s a recipe for a winner. The first track revealed from the album, Old Hearts Fall is a particularly good example of this, with the simplistic instrumentation coupling well with the vocals to begin with before a fuller sound kicks in and it’s crushingly beautiful to say the least.

There’s plenty more highlights to be found on the album too, with eighth track Last Track Before The Fade sitting nicely in the latter half of the piece. The chorus is one of those lines that you can’t help but want to sing along to, and the succinct little keyboard riffs that take centre stage on occasion during the track add an extra sparkle to the song. Additionally, the album closer Passer ends things on a high. Beginning with a guitar solo that will certainly grab your attention and the song progresses tremendously from there, with some haunting stripped-back sections and an absolutely massive chorus.

The Fall Of Hearts may not bring anything new to the table when it comes to Katatonia, but nevertheless it is a fresh and exciting listen that hits all the right notes for the band.


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